Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Favorite Letter

My favorite letter, as I've discovered, is "J".

Here is a list of my favorite "J" things:

-John Mayer (delicious... when he takes his shirt off while playing at a concert... fab.)
-Juice (WAYYYY better than any other liquid that can be consumed)
-James Taylor (he's old, but FABULOUS in concert)
-Johnny Depp (self explanatory)
-Justification (you can justify anything if done correctly)
         -the root of the word... JUST... just be still, just because... can be used effectively every time
         -you can justify type while designing
-Jokes (they make me laugh)
-Jayden (LYNN is her REAL name)
-Jamaican looking girls (Kat)
-Juneau, Alaska (birth place of Alycia)
-Jack in the Box (has great curly fries)
-Jesus (he's holy... why not like him)
-Jumble, Juggle, Julep... all fun words.

Those are just a few... if I think of more... I'll let you know.
But as of today my favorite letter is no longer "E" (for EMILY), but "J".