Monday, October 6, 2008


Tonight I am inspired by words. Written words that all of my loves seem to be sharing. I know that technology is sometimes WAY too convenient but when your loves are spread throughout the world, I LOVE IT! 

Lately I have been thinking about the concept of units. The idea that things are meant to be clumped together to form a whole. Letters placed together and separated by punctuation and spaces create words and sentences that we use every day!  A beautiful whole that can full any hole in any one of us. I love that words are the links within a unit. They are the links between loved friends, loved boyfriends and girlfriends, and loved family members. 

Words are the most important thing that we have. Words define us! Words create who we are! 

The other day (on a lighter note) Samuel and I were sitting in the kitchen drinking our morning coffee and I mentioned to him that one day I would like a dog. I said that I would like to get a bulldog and name him Cleatus. Then, just to throw him for a loop, I decided to throw in that I wanted to get a girl bulldog as well and name her Clitoris. (The look on his face was priceless.) As he asked me questions, such as, are you serious? I kept a perfectly straight face and said, I think it's a beautiful name. As frustration slowly rose inside of him, I  grew more and more excited for the moment that I got to say GOTCHA! Once his frustration got to its peak he said, well I'm going to get a dog and name it Vagina, how does that sound? 

Keeping my cool as I tried to convince him that  Clitoris is a beautiful name and when the word comes out of your mouth it just sounds nice. The conversation ended with me saying that the only reason he doesn't like the name Clitoris for my future female bulldog is because of what the word/sound means. Words can have any definition, but we just automatically relate them to the meanings that we've been taught.  After this comment he responded with a rolling of his eyes which replaced the words "You're rediculous."

So-- WORDS ARE POWERFUL! Each word has a special, creative meaning. Each word has its own unique sound and I encourage us all to explore the power and silliness and excitement and seriousness of words.


LeashBaby144 said...

Clitoris IS a beautiful name! I love you! Not like I love coffee, or sunsets, or frolicking...I LOVE YOU! Inside and out.Through thick and thin! Always and forever! Words are powerful!

Jayden-Lynn said...

oh loves!

how you make my heart smile...